WSDOT Construction Inspector Certification Program-FAQ’s

I signed up for the training but have not received my confirmation email.

Check your spam folder for the confirmation email. Some company servers might flag the email as spam. If you do not see the confirmation email you can contact us at

Do I need to take the modules in order?

No. You can start with any of the modules and they do not need to be completed in any certain order.

Do I need to sign up for all the modules at one time?

You do not need to sign up for all the modules at one time.

How long does each module take to complete?

The length of each module varies depending on its content and the experience of each person.

How is the content for each module presented?

The way the content for each module is presented varies.  Some modules our presented in video format and other are presented using instructional manuals.

Is there a time limit to complete each module?

There is no time limit to complete each module.  However, to increase your success on the exam, it would be better to complete the module once you have started.

How many questions are on each exam?

There are 15 multiple choice questions on each exam, and you must score a 75% to pass.

What happens if I do not pass the exam on the first attempt?

There is no limit to the number of times you can take the exam.  However, after two consecutive unsuccessful attempts, it is recommended that you repeat the unit before attempting the exam again.

What happens once I complete all eleven modules?

Once you have successfully completed all 11 modules, you will be added to the WSDOT Construction Inspector Certification Program list at our website and issued a certificate. No other action is needed from you.  If you do not see your name on the list, please contact