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To be considered, each student must have a completed application AND a nomination form.

Outreach Programs

Build Your Future

A summer program for high school students to learn about education pathways and leadership opportunities in the built environment.

Interested in engineering, architecture, design, and/or business? Construction Management combines each of these fields and allows students career opportunities in one of the most dynamic, fastest-growing industries in Washington.

Program Highlights

  • Tour iconic Seattle structures and current construction projects
  • Learn about careers in construction that require a college degree
  • Explore cutting-edge technology utilized by construction project managers and engineers
  • Network with current students, professionals, and top executives and hear about their experiences
  • Meet faculty members from three state universities and learn about admission requirements

How to apply:

Teachers or counselors identify students, complete nomination forms, and provide students with the application.

Contact Sarah Patterson with questions: or 206.284.4500

Nomination Form (download this form or complete it below)

Student Application 

Program Flyer

Build Your Future - Student Nomination

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Student Assessment

Note: One of Build Your Future’s primary goals is to promote diversity of all kinds within the construction industry. The program is free of charge to ensure there are no financial barriers for selected participants. Complete the sections below to highlight the student's strengths.
Academics: Intellectual curiosity and aptitude, especially in math and science(Required)
Communication: Effective oral and written communication, listening skills, responsiveness(Required)
Work ethic: Accepts and takes ownership of challenging tasks(Required)
Interpersonal skills: Team oriented, conflict management abilities, leadership aptitude(Required)
Organization: Project management, information-ordering skills(Required)
Problem solving: Creative, critical thinker, approaches challenges with a solution-oriented mindset, problem-identification skills(Required)

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