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Construction Adventure Camp summer 2015

All with toolboxes for web

4th-6th graders explore the possibilities in week-long STEM education and construction camp

Eleven 4th-6th graders were introduced to the construction industry and STEM learning last summer in our first ever Construction Adventure Camp. This year, we’re offering the camp for two separate weeks, July 20-14 and July 27-31, to up to 15 campers each week.

Participants in the camp experienced hands-on learning through building, jobsite tours, safety presentations and more.

“As an educator, I always taught from the standpoint that children need to be provided with hands-on opportunities that open up understandings that cannot be learned from books and classroom settings alone,” said Dan Morris, AGC EF director of education and training. “For some, this was the first time they ever used tools.”

On the first day, in addition to undertaking a scavenger hunt for building materials and taking an AGC Building tour, the campers built something they would need for the rest of the week: wooden tool boxes. The next four days were packed with hands-on activities and a jobsite tour of Sellen’s Rufus 2.0 project. Gray Lumber and Sellen Construction provided supplies for the camp.

“Some of the best parts were all of the hands-on activities and the jobsite visit,” said Kerry Soileau, Ferguson Construction safety manager, whose son Marc was a camper. “That jobsite visit spurred many discussions on the drive to camp and at home.”

Students also participated in a question-and-answer session with Terry Deeny, Deeny Construction, on the building of the Space Needle, a cement/concrete tutorial by Don Grimes of CalPortland, a safety presentation by AGC of Washington’s Andrew Ledbetter, and the construction of bird houses, cement garden stones and a coffee house.

“The camp started a lot of conversations between my son and me and allowed me to share my construction experiences and talk over potential opportunities for him,” Soileau said.

This was the first Construction Adventure Camp and has received national attention from the AGC of America.

“My son Kellan had such a wonderful experience and continues to explore construction-related projects at home,” said Stephanie Gebhardt, CFO for MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions. “If you plan to have another camp next year, please keep Kellan in mind. He’s already talking about signing up.”

For more information or to sign up, contact Dan Morris at or visit our Construction Adventure Camp page.

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