2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients! Click on a recipient’s name to learn more about each student.


Mr. Joel Greear
Mr. A. E. DeAtley Scholarship

Mr. Brian Merris
Mr. Robert L. & Betty L. Landau Scholarship

Mr. Ryan Romano
Larry Johnson/Prime Construction Endowment Fund, Hugh S. Ferguson Endowment

Ms. Kindra Scobba
Donald & Clarice Bocek Endowment


Mr. Lee “Colton” Cox
Chester H. & Elizabeth N. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Sergio Ortega
William and Jean Scott Building Construction Scholarship

Mr. Nicholas Santini
Employees of GLY Construction Scholarship, Howard S. Lease Memorial Fund

Ms. Tanya Trongtham
Donald & Clarice Bocek Endowment Scholarship, Betcher Family Foundation Scholarship, Robert W. Austin Memorial Fund


Mr. Avery Bahr
Employees of Foushée & Associates, Inc. Construction Training & Education Fund

Mr. Andrew Croskrey
Hugh S. Ferguson Endowment, Frank and Susan Young Endowment

Mr. Armando Espinosa
Mr. Robert L. & Betty L. Landau Scholarship, Robert B. McEachern Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Michael Fisher
Employees of J.R. Abbott Construction Training & Education Scholarship, James P. Crutcher Endowment

Ms. Kelsey Gardner
Chester H. & Elizabeth N. Johnson Memorial Scholarship, AGC EF Investing in Leaders Scholarship

Mr. Marshall Ruehl
Mr. & Mrs. Allan F. Osberg Scholarship Fund

Ms. Charlotte Schmitz
MulvannyG2 Memorial Fund in Memory of Patricia Chikamoto Lee

Special thanks to the 2014-2015 Scholarship Selection Committee for their hard work:

Chair: Mr. Curt Gimmestad, Absher Construction
Mr. Bob Adams, Guy F. Atkinson Construction
Ms. Mahi Demissie, Sellen Construction
Mr. Mac Gray, Gray Lumber Company
Mr. Matt Lessard, Wilcox Construction*
Mr. Adam Rohde, Sellen Construction
Mr. Britt Slone, Foushée & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Andrew Spelman, Sellen Construction
Mrs. Ally Webley, Sellen Construction*

*Denotes former AGC Education Foundation scholarship recipient.

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