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Construction Leadership Series getting rave reviews

New and innovative education course is already receiving rave reviews

Our new Construction Leadership Series was designed for individuals with 10-plus years of construction industry experience and who were identified by their companies as one of tomorrow’s leaders. With a limited number of seats, we launched the series in September with 14 students. We currently have 16 more students going through the program set to graduate in April 2015.

The seven modules, developed with the assistance of Lee Kilcup, retired CEO of GLY Construction, are highly-interactive, workshop-based learning experiences. Gary Polain, consultant and primary facilitator, has worked extensively with Kilcup to ensure construction case studies and guest presenters were included.

“The most helpful part has been hearing about the real-life experiences of company trials, successes and growth,” said Matt Stodola from Exxel Pacific. “Hearing about real company growth and experiences has been incredibly valuable and extremely beneficial to me.”

Students participated in a pre-assessment to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. Representing 11 AGC general-contractor companies, the participants came to the series with a combined 239 years of industry experience.

“This leadership series is important for the industry because much of the content is not taught elsewhere. It is learned on the job, sometimes at great expense,” said Kilcup. “This is a way for me to help an industry that has given me much more than I could ever give back.”

Each student was assigned a company mentor, who participated in selected activities throughout the series. With a “learn today and apply tomorrow” approach, students were able to take what they learned in class to the job the next day.

“Building strong interpersonal skills—such as communication and motivating people—separates successful people from others,” said Paul Constantine of Constantine Builders, Inc. “This series helps bridge the gap from the technical knowledge gained in school to the softer skills necessary to be a leader in tomorrow’s construction industry.”

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