Education Grant Program


Grant Program

AGC Education Foundation Grants serve to provide funding for programs and projects that encourage and attract competent people to construction career pathways, and create a positive impact on construction workforce issues in Washington State.

Our program awards small grants to programs that can demonstrate the following:

  • Development of academic and technical training achievements that lead to construction industry careers.
  • Community-based non-profit organizations addressing construction industry workforce development issues and needs.
  • Development of education and awareness of construction career pathways in grades K-12.
  • Development of education and awareness of the construction industry to 18-28 year olds.

Priority is given to grant proposals that encourage careers in construction, make effective use of volunteers and/or matching funds, and create a positive impact on construction workforce issues in Washington state.

The application was due on February 1, 2023.

The Foundation will respond to applicants by March 31.

Applications for 2025 will be accepted beginning in November, and the due date will be February 1, 2025.

Are you starting a new program, or expanding a current program?

Consider applying for a Program Builder grant with Career Connect Washington (CCW).

CCW provides community and grant support to new and expanding construction programs. This is a great opportunity to join a strong career-connected learning community and apply for larger grants to help start/build out your program.

The next application is expected to be posted in June 2024.

Grant Awards

Through the generosity of …


  • Becky Wallace Scholarship for Women in Construction Management or Civil Engineering at WSU
  • Betcher Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Bob and Beverly Adams Heavy-Civil Construction Scholarship Endowment
  • Chester and Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Donald and Clarice Bocek Scholarship
  • Employees of Foushée and Associates, Inc. Construction Training and Education Fund
  • Employees of GLY Construction Scholarship
  • Employees of JR Abbott Construction Scholarship
  • Frank and Susan Young Scholarship
  • Friends of the Northern District Scholarship
  • Gene Colin Two Year College Scholarship Fund
  • Howard S. Lease Memorial Scholarship
  • Hugh S. Ferguson Scholarship

2023 Grant Application

(School, nonprofit, other)
Organization Address
Title of project/program and timeline
Contact name

Program Summary and Impact

Briefly answer the following questions

Measure of success

Briefly answer the following questions


Our program awards small grants to programs that can demonstrate the criteria listed above.
Include amount and specific use for funding.
Funding Sources
Check if your project receives funding from the following sources

Thank you for your interest in our grant program

After reviewing the application’s initial proposal, additional information may be requested by the officers of the AGC Education Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • Joe Arrants Memorial Scholarship
  • James P. Crutcher Endowment Scholarship
  • Larry Johnson/Prime Construction Scholarship
  • Matthew and Suzanne Lessard Scholarship
  • Mr. A.E. DeAtley Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Osberg Scholarship
  • MulvannyG2 in Memory of Patricia Chikamoto Lee Scholarship
  • Robert B. McEachern Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert L. & Betty L. Landau Scholarship
  • Robert W. Austin Memorial Scholarship
  • William and Jean Scott Building Scholarship

Click here for a full list of our 2019-2020 scholarship recipients.

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Grant Recipients!