Education Grant Program


Grant Program

The AGC Education Foundation Grant Program serves to provide funding for schools and programs that   encourage and attract students to careers in construction in Washington. 

The Grant Program awards schools and programs that can demonstrate the following:

  • Promote academic and technical training achievement that lead to construction industry careers.
  • Address construction industry workforce development issues and needs.
  • Promote education and awareness of construction career pathways in grades K-12.
  • Promote education and awareness of the construction industry to 18-28 year-old adults.


Application and Eligibility

AGC EF Grant Application 2022-2023- Application will be available Fall 2021.

AGC Education Foundation education grants can include the following:

  • High school shop equipment, materials and safety gear
  • Student textbooks and supplies
  • Summer internships for teachers
  • Resource guides for teachers
  • Career workshops for women
  • Construction research and education
  • Student construction competition participation
  • Community outreach for construction career awareness

The AGC Education Foundation may, at its discretion, evaluate grants on a case-by-case basis throughout the year.

After reviewing the application’s initial proposal, additional information and/or a site visit may be requested by the officers of the AGC Education Foundation.

Information for Grant Recipients

Funding timeline: Beginning July 1with completion on or before June 30, or as otherwise outlined in the proposal and approved by the Foundation. Grants will be funded per the instructions outlined in the award notification letter.

In the event that progress toward the completion of the project is not deemed satisfactory and/or is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the award, the officers of the AGC Education Foundation Board of Trustees may, at its sole discretion, may terminate the award.

Grant Awards

Through the generosity of …


  • Becky Wallace Scholarship for Women in Construction Management or Civil Engineering at WSU
  • Betcher Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Bob and Beverly Adams Heavy-Civil Construction Scholarship Endowment
  • Chester and Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Donald and Clarice Bocek Scholarship
  • Employees of Foushée and Associates, Inc. Construction Training and Education Fund
  • Employees of GLY Construction Scholarship
  • Employees of JR Abbott Construction Scholarship
  • Frank and Susan Young Scholarship
  • Friends of the Northern District Scholarship
  • Gene Colin Two Year College Scholarship Fund
  • Howard S. Lease Memorial Scholarship
  • Hugh S. Ferguson Scholarship
  • Joe Arrants Memorial Scholarship
  • James P. Crutcher Endowment Scholarship
  • Larry Johnson/Prime Construction Scholarship
  • Matthew and Suzanne Lessard Scholarship
  • Mr. A.E. DeAtley Memorial Scholarship
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Osberg Scholarship
  • MulvannyG2 in Memory of Patricia Chikamoto Lee Scholarship
  • Robert B. McEachern Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert L. & Betty L. Landau Scholarship
  • Robert W. Austin Memorial Scholarship
  • William and Jean Scott Building Scholarship

Click here for a full list of our 2019-2020 scholarship recipients.

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Grant Recipients!