Planned Giving

A Planned Gift is made through estate planning generating interest into perpetuity. Planned gifts are desirable to the donor because of valuable tax benefits.

Donors who indicate their commitment to naming the AGC EF as a beneficiary to their estate become members of the AGC EF Legacy Society.

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 Legacy Society Members

Don and Clarice Bocek
In loving memory of Don and Clarice Bocek, long-time foundation supporters, the AGC EF has been named a beneficiary of the Don and Clarice Bocek estate.

Julie Bocek Coleman and Dan Coleman
“My husband and I joined the AGC EF Legacy Society to honor the legacy of my father, Don Bocek. In addition, now that I [have been] a board member, I’ve seen firsthand the impact the education foundation has on so many students within the construction industry.”

Neil “Mac” Gray
“I am proud to support AGC Education Foundation’s programs and its commitment to the future of the construction community. I hope others will adopt this charitable approach, benefiting themselves and our industry.”

Chester and Elizabeth Johnson
The AGC Education Foundation was named as one of five beneficiaries under the Revocable Living Trust of Chester H. Johnson and Elizabeth N. Johnson.

Lee and Anne Kilcup
“Including the AGC Education Foundation in our estate planning allows us to give back to the industry and an organization that has given us much. We are excited to help fund construction education and would encourage our predecessors, peers, and successors to join together with us.”

Robert Kurth
The AGC Education Foundation was named as a beneficiary in the Robert Kurth Estate.

Robert and Betty Landau
“The AGC Education Foundation, over a thirty year period, has proven that it can raise the education standards in all phases, high school, university, and those working in the field. Our Industry, one of the nation’s largest, requires these efforts to provide a competitive and active industry.”

Allan and Inger Osberg
“The industry has been very good to my company and me, so I do what I can. Every company that has any kind of success owes a debt to the industry in a way that promotes it and improves it.”

Art and Coleen Solbakken
“Coleen and I believe so strongly in the work of this foundation that we have agreed to join the AGC Education Foundation Legacy Society by naming the foundation as a beneficiary of our estate.”