Cancellation Policy

The customer has one week (5 business days) prior to the start date of the selected class to cancel the registration or transfer to another class. To clarify, if the class is on Tuesday, you must cancel by the Monday of the preceding week by 5pm. The customer must replace the canceled registrant or forfeit the registration fee if cancellation occurs within one week of the class (5 business days or less). All funds must be paid before the first day of any given class in order to guarantee class placement, otherwise the class will be filled with waitlist participants.

Online Class Cancellation Policy

Withdrawal and Refund Policy for Online Classes
All course withdrawals must be done through the AGC Education Foundation in writing. Notifying the instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Mail To: 1200 Westlake Ave. N., Ste. 301, Seattle, WA 98109
Email: Dan Morris at

Refunds will be issued in accordance with the AGC Education Foundation’s Withdrawal and Refund Policy for Online Classes as listed below:

1. Students may submit a written cancellation request cancellation to the AGC Education Foundation by mail or email.

2. Applicants may cancel up to five business days after registering for the class. In the event of a dispute over timely notice, the burden to prove service rests on the applicant.

3. Students canceling after the fifth calendar day but before the first lesson has been turned in will be responsible for a registration fee 15% of the tuition.

4. If the student has received the textbook for a course and the packaging is still in tact, the book may be returned to the AGC Education Foundation free of charge. The student will be responsible for postage. However, if the text book has been opened, the student will be responsible for paying an additional $100 to the AGC Education Foundation for the materials.

5. If the class is terminated by the student after the first lesson has been turned in, the school may retain the registration fee as established under 3 of this subsection, plus a percentage of the total tuition as described in the following table. The percentage will be calculated by dividing the total number of lessons in the class by the number of lessons turned in by the student.

If the student completes this percentage of lessons, the school may keep this % of the tuition cost:

0% through 10%                                                     10%

11% through 25%                                                    25%

26% through 50%                                                    50%

More than 50%                                                        100%

AGC EF Class Cancellations

The AGC EF decides whether or not to run classes based on the number of attendees registered 5-7 days prior to the class. You will receive an email confirmation approximately one week prior to the first day of your class as long as we have your email entered in your contact information in our database.  If the AGC EF cancels a class, you or your company will receive notification via email. Once a class is canceled, it will no longer be available for registration on the website’s class calendar. Any class payments will be transferred to the next available class pending attendee approval. All funds will be refunded if the attendee is not comfortable transferring to another class at that time or if the class is not rescheduled.

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