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Class Attendance at Record Levels

Thanks to employers promoting continuing education!

Record Number of Classes: 375
Record Number of Attendees:

The Pacific Northwest has seen a construction boom
over the last six years. In response to this surge
of growth, companies are expanding and the demand for training has
increased. This past year, we experienced a record number of attendees
participating in our courses.
AGC members and industry partners rely on the Foundation’s everevolving
programs to help meet the training and education needs of their
employees. Nothing is more mission-critical than the effective onboarding,
training, and retention of talent.
Participants in the Construction Leadership Series
study the qualities of high-performing leaders.

The content of the Foreman Training Program (FTP) is extremely relevant
to the foreman’s experience on the job and managing a crew. The course
instructor is a working site superintendent who has the ability to draw
from years of construction experience and can effectively impart relevant
material in a way that is understandable. I would recommend this
course to any current or aspiring construction foreman.

– Tom Bajema, Training and Development Manager, Andgar Corporation

GLY is a learning organization, and continuous improvement has been a
core value since our founding over 50 years ago. Our partnership with the
Foundation helps us attract and retain the kind of people who thrive at GLY.

– Jane Lyda Mounsey, Human Resources Director, GLY Construction