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Apprenticeship Symposium

A panel event for all those interested in learning about the apprenticeship system in the state of Washington.

This event was held on June 22, 2023

Topics covered:

  •  History of apprenticeships
  •  Successful program examples
  •  The apprenticeship model outside of construction
  •  Funding opportunities
  •  Who’s who
  •  Resources


Christina Riley – Labor & Tribal Liaison Training & Apprenticeship Specialist

Dr. Genevieve Howard – Policy Associate for Workforce Education, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Rio Frame – Management Analyst, Labor and Industries, Spokane, WA

Gary Peterson – Apprenticeship Consultant, Labor and Industries

Andrew Ledbetter- Director of Labor Relations at AGC of Washington

Christina Rupp, MA ED. – Director, Construction Center of Excellence

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