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Annual Newsletter 2023

Dear Friends,

On behalf of our entire team, we offer our gratitude for your support and generosity during 2023. You are instrumental in advancing our mission so that countless individuals can pursue their dreams and excel in the construction industry.

Your belief in the power of education has directly impacted students by opening doors to new opportunities in the high school classrooms and advancing the knowledge and skills for construction professionals in our classrooms. Whether it is the student who received a scholarship to pursue a trade, a construction management degree, or the aspiring contractor who gained invaluable experience through our education classes, your partnership makes a difference.

As we look forward to the coming year, we remain dedicated to furthering our mission by expanding our reach, fostering new industry connections, and ensuring that our programs make a positive impact in the construction industry.

Thank you. We wish you joy, peace, and prosperity in 2024.

Diane Kocer
Executive Director

Pictured: Rick Workman, Brycen Pingrey, Sarah Patterson, Diane Kocer, and Elaine Ervin at the June Board meeting.

Continuing Education Classes

"This year has been exciting and rewarding. Our strategic plan outlines a roadmap for the success of the education program. To ensure that we offer relevant courses, an advisory committee was established. This committee is engaged and is helping us respond to the training needs of our industry. AGC member companies have a strong commitment to training their employees and this is evident in the number of students enrolled in courses. We appreciate your partnership. We listen, seek to identify solutions, and create courses that the industry needs."
Dan Morris
Director of Education and Training

Classes offered

Total Attendees 

Member Company Attendees

Member Organizations

Custom Classes in three AGCWA districts

Core Plus Construction

Core Plus Construction Educator Training

At the annual Washington ACTE conference in Spokane, Sarah Patterson, Workforce Development Director and Dan Morris, Director of Education and Training created and delivered a workshop for high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers. The event was hosted by our friends from the Inland Northwest (INW) AGC and teachers from across the state were in attendance.

KHQ Local reported on the training as a part of their regular STEM Spot feature. This feature illustrates the importance of STEM for the community and economy. “The best way to explain construction is to use STEM. Everything in construction is based on science, technology, engineering, and math”, says Bert Rohrbach, Apprenticeship Administrator at INW AGC.

The training included classroom content, such as, how to scale projects and lessons for different grades and skill levels, hands-on projects including spatial awareness as a precursor to print reading, the science of concrete, basic framing, and stair layout. This session was fully booked at the initial offering which resulted in the need for a larger space to accommodate the interest. We hope to provide a similar session next year to strengthen the construction CTE teachers’ resources and provide a construction context that is valuable for all STEM education.

Year established

School districts

Skills Centers

Legislative dollars provided to schools are a direct result of Core Plus Construction.

Core Plus Construction Update

In 2023, we focused our efforts on defining successful and effective methods of teacher training and strategizing for the future of the program.

Due to the success of the program and the increased need for professional development options for construction/built environment teachers, educator training and classroom content will be our focus for the coming year.

To support this effort, the Foundation has been awarded grant funds to expand our classroom content to reach more communities in the state.

Additionally, we are fortunate to welcome Candace Conroy, Director, K-12 Curriculum and Instruction to the team. Candace is a former classroom teacher with a background in curriculum design and educator training. She will be updating and creating new content that best serves Core Plus Construction classrooms to reflect our industry workforce needs.

Thank you to our Board of Trustees


President, Rick Workman, W.G Clark Construction Co.

Past President/Treasurer, Elaine Ervin, Moss Adams LLP, retired

Officer, Jim Elliott, GLY Construction

Officer, Curt Gimmestad , Absher Construction

Officer, Brad Hayes, Sellen Construction

Officer/2nd VP AGCW, Bryan Kelley, Howard S. Wright

Officer, Mike Price, Abbott Construction

Officer, Jeff Tobin, Precision Electric



Kurt Boyd, Valley Electric Company

Jeff Christianson, Exxel Pacific

Alex Collins, CalPortland

Bryan Eppler, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Annika Gaffney, Auburn Mechanical

Steve Grasso, Bayley Construction

Mac Gray, Gray Lumber

Chip Gregory, RAFN Company

Max Hanley, Propel Insurance

Leah Hanson, IMCO Construction

Ron Lange, Parker, Smith & Feek, Inc.

Matt Lessard, Wilcox Construction

Bob Marconi, Ashbaugh Beal

Julianna Plant, Lease Crutcher Lewis

Dorothy Reed, USI Insurance Services

Christina Rupp, Construction Center of Excellence

John Schaufelberger, University of Washington

Wendy Simmons, Middle of Six

Phil Wallace, Kiewit

Olin Wick, Foushée & Associates, Inc.

Sean Woerman, Lydig Construction



Jim Crutcher, Lease Crutcher Lewis

Dennis Dickert, Sellen Construction, retired

Frank Young, Jr., FNY Associates, Inc.



David D’Hondt, AGC of Washington

Giovanni Migliaccio, University of Washington

Jason Peschel, Washington State University

Warren Plugge, Central Washington University

Welcome to our new Board members. Pictured: Wendy Simmons, Rick Workman (Board President), Chip Gregory, and Annika Gaffney. Not pictured, new member Christina Rupp.

Annual Fund Contributions

Champions ($10,000 plus)

Byron & Alice Lockwood Foundation
Gray Lumber Company
Sellen Community Foundation

Visionaries ($5,000 to $9,999)

Abbott Construction
Construction Financial Management Assoc. Puget Sound Chapter
GLY Construction
Lease Crutcher Lewis
Moss Adams LLP

Patrons ($2,500 – $4,999)

Absher Construction
Ashbaugh Beal
ASI Wealth Management
Bayley Construction
Bob and Melisse Barrett
Construction Center of Excellence
Elaine Ervin
Ferguson Construction
Parker Smith & Feek, Inc.
Poppoff Construction
Propel Insurance
Tucci & Sons, Inc

The Foundation gratefully recognizes the donors who participated in this year's Annual Fund. These partnerships advance our programs to strengthen how we deliver on our mission.

Founders ($1,000 – $2,499)


Darron Pease

Dennis and Priscilla Dickert

Foushée and Associates

Frederick Stearns Foundation

Mark and Lori Landau

Rafn Company

Rick Workman

USI Insurance Northwest

Wendy and Stephan Sefcik

WG Clark Construction


Partners ($100 – $999)


Brad and Dina Hayes

Frank and Susan Young

Jeff Christianson

Julianna Plant

Join us

Joining the Foundation as a donor ensures your support goes toward to most efficient and impactful programs.

Congratulations 2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients!

Alex Coghill, University of Washington; Anthony Banis, University of Washington; Blaine Baker, University of Washington; Cole
Magruder, University of Washington; Collin Murray, Washington State University; Danielle Santa, Central Washington University; David Richards, Washington State University; Erin Arviso, Washington State University; Ethan Grice, Washington
State University; Guy Thomas, University of Washington; Kurtis Moxley, Washington State University; Logan Prouse, Washington State University; Marisa Robson, Central Washington University; Matthew Moen, Central Washington University; Nathan Vani, Washington State University; Sam Dawkins, Washington State University; Samuel Rutter, University of Washington; Zach Vernon, Washington State University.

The following top scholars were highlighted by our review committee. Each received $10,000.

Shaaki Shaik
Washington State University
Gracie Lee
Central Washington University
Jacob Bess
University of Washington


1990 Chester and Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Scholarship
1993 Employees of Northwest Cascade
1993 Robert B. McEachern Memorial Fund
1994 Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Osberg Scholarship
1994 Hugh S. Ferguson Endowment
1994 Larry Johnson/Prime Construction Co.
1995 MulvannyG2 Memorial Endowment in memory of Patricia Chikamoto Lee
1995 Mr. A.E DeAtley Memorial Scholarship
1996 Foushée and Associates Company, Inc. Scholarship Endowment
1996 Donald L. Clark Memorial Endowment
1996 Employees of Ferguson Construction Endowment
1996 Employees of GLY Construction Endowment
1996 William and Jean Scott Building Construction Fund
1997 Howard S. Lease Memorial Endowment Fund
1998 Absher Construction Company Endowment
1998 Egge-Koon Endowment Fund
1998 Employees of J.R Abbott Construction Training and Education Fund
1998 Frank and Susan Young Endowment Fund
1998 Robert W. Austin Memorial Endowment Fund
1998 Sellen Construction Company Endowment
1999 Donald and Clarice Bocek Scholarship
1999 E. Kent Halvorson, Inc.
2001 Robert L. and Betty L. Landau Scholarship
2005 Bob Barrett and Family Endowment Fund
2005 Byron W. and Alice L. Lockwood Foundation Endowment
2005 Dennis and Priscilla Dickert Endowment
2005 Pease Construction Endowment Fund
2006 Moss Adams LLP Endowment
2006 Nuprecon, Inc. Endowment
2007 UMC Charitable Foundation Endowment
2009 James P. Crutcher Endowment
2012 Betcher Family Foundation Endowment Fund
2012 Gene Colin Two Year College Scholarship Fund
2015 Joe Arrants Memorial Scholarship
2015 Matthew and Suzanne Lessard Scholarship Endowment
2015 AGC of Washington Endowment
2017 Ferguson Construction’s Gene Colin Outstanding Educator Memorial Endowment
2018 Robert L. Landau Memorial Endowment
2018 Bob and Beverly Adams Heavy Civil Construction Scholarship Endowment
2018 Becky Wallace Scholarship for Women in Construction
2020 James M. Lessard Memorial Scholarship Endowment
2021 Ervin Family Endowment
2022 John Schaufelberger Endowed Scholarship

Bob and Beverly Adams Heavy Civil Construction Scholarship Endowment

The Endowment Fund offers donors the opportunity to create a named endowment and to designate its purpose. 

The AGC Education Foundation has 43 named endowments, each with a principal gift of at least $25,000 or more. All funds donated to the AGC EF Endowment Fund remain in a restricted account with only the interest available for the intended purpose.

These gifts create an impactful, everlasting legacy to ensure a donor’s values and priorities are supported infinitely.

Fun fact: Several of our Foundation’s Trustees have received scholarships from these named endowments

Career Connect Washington

The Foundation’s contract with Career Connect Washington (CCW) as the Construction Sector Lead has been extended through 2025.

The Foundation joins nine other organizations that have been selected to represent their industries’ career connected learning interests in the state. These roles are intended to bridge industry and education in order to create and scale programs that will effectively support future workforce needs.

This contract has allowed the Foundation to build on its already strong workforce development platform. In this role, the Foundation fosters collaboration and coherency between employers, programs, and communities about construction career-connected learning (CCL) opportunities.

One of the needs identified by schoolsis clarity and guidance about apprenticeship pathways. To address this interest, we hosted a panel that was open for all to attend. Potential new CCL programs, other sectors looking into apprenticeship models for their industry, and members of the construction industry were all present to hear from this powerhouse panel. 

Topics covered included:

  •  History of apprenticeships
  •  Successful program examples
  •  The apprenticeship model outside of construction
  •  Funding opportunities
  •  Who’s who
  •  Resources

Thank you to our excellent panelists for this informative and engaging event. 

Christina Riley – Labor & Tribal Liaison Training & Apprenticeship Specialist

Dr. Genevieve Howard – Policy Associate for Workforce Education, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Rio Frame – Management Analyst, Labor and Industries, Spokane, WA

Gary Peterson – Apprenticeship Consultant, Labor and Industries

Andrew Ledbetter- Director of Labor Relations at AGC of Washington

Christina Rupp, MA ED. – Director, Construction Center of Excellence