In 1980, a group of visionary AGC of Washington general contractors understood the value of education and the benefit of giving back to the community. Believing that ongoing education and training are vital elements of the construction industry, the AGC Education Committee also saw an opportunity to encourage others who wanted to give back. With intent to develop construction education programs and provide a vehicle for non-taxable donations, the Seattle AGC Education and Community Service Foundation was formed. The name later changed to the AGC Education Foundation as classes and workshops expanded to the district offices of Bellingham, Olympia, Tacoma and Yakima. The original foundation trustees included Louis Rowley, Tullus Gordon, Terry Deeny, Dann Sheffield and Larry Johnson.

The founders’ vision was realized and presently the AGC Education Foundation serves thousands of construction professionals, students and teachers with a wide variety of educational and outreach programs. Through the generosity of the AGC of Washington, our donors, and our community partners, we continue the work of developing and promoting quality education and training for the Washington state construction industry.

“I believe in re-investing in an organization that is of great benefit to our industry – the AGC Education Foundation. I see the value of my donation growing with the hope that it is matched by a new generation of construction-industry leaders.”

-Larry Johnson, Prime Construction Company
AGC Education Foundation Founder

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